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Our Story.

Our team brings together skills as diverse as process analysis, ecosystem modelling, martial arts, opera singing and Nonviolent Communication.

We help companies to change. And we change ourselves! Since DAC was founded in 2012, we have moved from rather traditional management consulting and organisational development, to supporting agile transformations of our clients.

It is our purpose to help companies provide more satisfying and meaningful work. And at the same time to be more efficient, adaptable, and able to grow.

Here we offer our know-how in agile leadership and self-organisation as well as many years of experience.

Our clients range from medium-sized ‘hidden champions’ to global corporations. We work across finance, high tech, bioscience, manufacturing, retail, and several other industries.

In order to be close to our clients and our cherished top talents we have several offices located in Europe and Asia.

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