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Our Services.

Organisational Fitness Checks

Organisational Fitness Checks.

Based on analyses, interviews, and workshops with employees, we assess your organisation’s fitness, agility, and readiness to change. We outline options for a conscious development of your community.

Agile Transformations.

We help you to get clarity where (and how far) you want to go – and then make sure you get there! We support you to craft a roadmap towards distributed leadership and self-organisation. We familiarise you with tools on how to track your success and how to adjust your course when necessary.

Together at the Top

Coaching and Training.

We support you and others to understand your own current mindset, and to adjust it to be more in-line with a leadership model you see as future-proof. We help you and your people to acquire communication and facilitation skills necessary for a new way of working.


We can bring you in touch with ideas and people who are working towards similar goals, or who have already achieved something they are willing to share with others.

Giving Back

Giving Back.

Also, we express our gratitude to the way we are allowed to live and work by supporting selected non-profit organisations that want to become more agile by providing, e.g., the above services free of charge.

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